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Hi, my name is Ellie and this  
is the story of my step dad, John.

John has been one of the greatest influences of kindness, strength, selflessness and dignity in my life. He is my absolute hero! I consider myself lucky to have such a wonderful person for my children to look up to. 
John was diagnosed with PKD in his mid 20’s. He, along with his four siblings and his niece and nephew all inherited PKD from his dad.  
John has dealt with his condition  without complaint for years, but since I was a kid, I worried about the day he would visibly struggle to have a normal, healthy life. 
A few years ago, John became very ill, to the point he could no longer hide it from anyone. He was taken to the hospital where we discovered he was in end stage renal failure. He’s been on dialysis for 9 hours each night ever since.  
The rest of our story depends upon the kindness of strangers. I feel hopeful and grateful every day I have with him. I can’t wait to see him feel well again! 
John is a US Coast Guard Veteran. He loves camping, fishing and heading for the mountains with family every chance he can! 

an organ recipient John with his dog and granddaughter

Donor Facts 
  A donor can change their mind at any time! 
Medical costs are covered by the recipients insurance. 
  All donors are medically screened and are only cleared if it is safe for both the donor and the recipient. 
  A donor should be able to return to regular activities and exercise about 4-6 weeks after surgery.  
  A kidney donor will be hospitalized, on average, for 2 nights.   

  A donor can select a person they know or donate to a stranger. 
  A donor should eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, but there are no dietary restrictions.  
  Living donation is the fastest way for a recipient to get a kidney transplant.

A Kidney for JOHN

John is in need of a healthy kidney transplant, but you don’t have to have his blood type to help him! 

If you would like to speak with me about my step dad, I would be grateul to have a conversation with you! 303-667-8981 

While many people donate directly to a patient, there is a community of donors that save strangers!  

During my quest to help save John, I’m hoping to help others! If you are in need of a donor, feel free to start a conversation with me and we can fight this together! 

Would you like information about the donation process? Visit 

Would you like to begin the Donor Survey? Visit 

 How you might consider helping: 

1.    Spread the word to your family and friends who might know someone willing to donate.
2.    Prayers and positive support not just for our family, but for the many families in every community facing a similar need.
3.    Consider how becoming a donor might enrich your own life experience.
4.    Take some time to learn about becoming a living donor.

Would you like information about our hopeful transplant recipient, John? Please call 

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